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You made carpia into yet another map with a totally unviable low route. Why did you add those massive ugly triangles on the floor? We know from experience that obstacles like that lead to endless back and forth in the bottom lane and long, frustrating games. Cave and grotto give us long enough games as it is. This applies to cryptic too.

Tried and true: make any obstacles on the floor short. You did a good job on swarm of finally making the floor more manageable. Asteroids, plane park, funnelpark, reef, hardcourt greycomb are all examples of maps with floors that work reasonably well (see how I threw in your own maps to show I'm not just being contrary?). Even maps with entirely flat floors, or very predictable floor patterns can work (see: maze, dark war, labyrinth).

Please, please, please if you're gonna add a whole slew of maps without asking anyone else's opinion at least go with tried and true obstacle types so we aren't stuck playing cave-length games on maps we don't even want.

Remember what you did to the low boxes on warehouse? Exact same thing should happen here.

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