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Default Messenger App for LADDER; SAVE ALTI

In my opinion what alti needs it is an messenger app which has to have the following requirements:

1) easy to use
2) not social network, we want to respect everyone privacy
3) able to be installed in every smarthpone, at least android and iphones
4) cheap

I was thinking in whatsapp but it is not popular among the americans. Facebook messenger does not respect the privacy.
Snapchat is not easy to use.

So we have 2 options, telegram and Kik.
Kik is easy to use, it doesnt require anything to work, not even an email (you can use a false email)
Telegram needs phone number but it is better app. Both apps work in smartpones and tables. Telegram even works in pc and can be installed at the same time in any device.

I Will create an Alti group both in Kik and in telegram

Only if we work together we will be strong enough to save alti and have fun in ladder.

In KIK You can directly join the ladder group using the hashtag altitudeladder
IN TELEGRAM You have to add me and my number in your contacts in your smartphone. Install the telegram app. then say Hi to me in telegram letting me know you want to be added into the ladder group. I will let you know my phone number by PM in this forum.
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