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Right ledow, and then you banned me from your server for having an opinion that differed from yours for 20 years. Exactly the reason I made my own server, especially since you won't respond to the PM I sent you on this forum.

It is not fun to play a game with all of the good players stacked on the server owners team while the server owner denies that that is the case... if you argue that (the top 4 killers and the top 3 scorers are on 1 team) and ledow disagrees he makes a sarcastic comment like "do I need to explain video games to you" which I still have no idea what he would say, the numbers were right there and the following game I had the top 2 killers and top 3 scorers on my team and it was 9 - 1 when I got banned. How right do I need to be?

Anyhow, I still like your server, I just wish you would be willing to take someones opinion without raging (btw I did do a vote to balance the teams in that previous game where the stacked team consisted of the top 3 players from my team who changed teams via clicking to make a balanced game an unwinnable game where we scored 0 goals since the swap) and it was denied by like 70% no by the other team mostly.
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