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Hey, didn't realise that was you or I'd have been more careful on commenting on this post. I apologise for commenting here, at least, because I don't see any reason to stir things up and I just genuinely don't pay attention to usernames on here / in-game enough to have made the connection with this forum post.

You were banned, basically, because you were annoying. The server's for fun - play the game. You were complaining about balance, it wasn't actually that bad. The score was tilted to one side but the teams were shifting all the time and, to be honest, I've been on the opposing side of much worse scores.

You kept complaining so I told you that you can always vote on my server for a balance, to stop that exact thing distracting from the game. You did. It passed with 90% (with 14 people online, and I voted "Yes" just to tilt it in your favour even though I thought it was okay - you'd gone to the effort of complaining and voting, so I thought you probably *did* feel it was unfair). The server balanced.

You then spent the next ten minutes arguing that the "top three" players (by kill-scores and levels) had all been on the one side before. It was increasingly obvious that I was tiring of the conversation (kill scores and ace-level statistics mean NOTHING in football except how many people they shot, and how long they've been playing the game - it doesn't link to goal-scoring or passing skills or just general teamplay at all - the best football players I've seen tend to have extremely low statistics and spent half their time in goal or on suicidal goal-runs, or even passing KNOWING they would die doing so).

As I stated *immediately* after you made to leave the server (or so my logs say), if we were to go by kill-scores or ACE level, I should have been kicking everyone's arse (I was top of the server in kills and pretty high up in Kills-Deaths ratio, Ace 10) - in fact, I'm crap at the game, I just like to play it. Admittedly you do talk about "top goal-scorer's" at one point but, short of recording every goal-scorer and balancing them manually there's not much I could do about balancing that up fairly and if I did it would make for a pretty boring game.

In terms of what I was prepared to do for you at that point, there wasn't anything left. The server had balanced. Nobody else was getting a chance to talk. No-one else was complaining about the teams (and that includes before the vote), they were just trying to play (like - shock, horror - I was too). Then you started with the name-calling so you were banned. The ban wasn't for disagreeing, or for having an opinion, or for stating facts - it was for chat-spamming in a nonsensical (and historical) argument, where I'd already stated my position and that I couldn't and wouldn't do anything about, and mainly for the name-calling.

Basically, the one stated rule of the server - don't get in the way of people who just want to play a fun game.

For what it's worth:

- I don't read private messages on the forum (not even notified of them) because of a previous person who I banned (who by his own admission was an idiot) spamming me by PM every day for a fortnight in order to get back into the server - in the end, I just turned off all the options I could find for PM's.
- You were banned, mainly, for the use of a particular word in your name-calling which I happen to disagree with, but also for just generally being annoying and not letting the subject go and therefore interfering with play.
- There have been exactly 3 people banned on my server since it's inception. You, the person who sent the PM's to me, and someone who was reported to me by a regular that I then checked the chat-logs for. All bans are permanent ("forever" which shows up in altitude as 20 years for some reason) and I don't revoke them. I just want to play the game and not worry about politics, spammers, etc. so I see no reason to work on a "trust" basis by having only temporary bans. I've had the same policy for the past decade and a bit running servers for all kinds of game.
- If I'd known this was your post for your server, I wouldn't have commented to stop any petty bickering spilling onto the forum. I apologise for that.

Hope that clears things up - good luck on your server and if you need any help with configuration, knowing your bandwidth / CPU / RAM limits, etc. I'd be glad to help. It's just that I didn't want to play with you any more.
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