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Updated OP with more info:

-Top 6 players from ladder for each region are automatically invited to play for their team.

-If any of the top 6 from ladder refuse to play/can't show up/etc, their spot is given to the next highest rated player.

-6 additional players can then be drafted by the Captain of each team.

-Any person can apply for the role of Captain. You can only apply as Captain of the team you represent. Simply put a quick application statement in this thread. Then we can vote on who we think will be the best Captain. (idea stolen from Dougie)

Quick example of an application:
(Using the player ufo in this case cuz i think he would be a good Captain, but that is just my personal bias):
Team: USA
Altitude Name: ufo
Years Playing: 6
Clan History: Twisted, tv0, T.T, c:
Statement: I'm the best flexy loopy in the game and I will lead us to victory if i am elected Captain, thx.

OTHER NOTES: Remember there will be no official preseason for Sky League, but teams can feel free to scrim on the weekends before Sky League starts to prepare. Also this takes place on a SATURDAY not a Sunday @ 7PM GMT (Standard tournament time)

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