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As of now i think i definetly would prefer SL start on the 21st but i could push it back 1 extra week to start on March 6th. Then this tournament could take place on the 21st of February which should be more than enough time to have all the teams set up and ready to go. The idea Dougie suggested could be cool too.

I suppose there could be an "Option C" as well in where we just go ahead with the original idea of playing on the 13th, and fill in the slots accordingly for the people who won't be able to make it. I only know of woofy not being able to show up on that day for sure for the USA team and possibly JWhatever too for EU, which is why i figured it might make more sense to change the start date. Both of those players have been dominating ladder and have a lot of versatility in terms of planes they excel at so having them miss out on this tournament that is supposed to showcase some of the best players in Altitude wouldn't feel the same... But I guess there would never be a schedule that works out for everyone and its expected that some of the top players wouldn't be able to show up. There are enough good/great players active to make strong teams for each side that hopefully lead to some EPIC games!
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