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Well before getting straight to the point, you might have noticed that Altitude is getting extinct and in my opinion that isn't because it's an "old" 2D game with planes. No, it's because of us (mostly talking about Ledows Players). When a new player gets the game and opens it the first thing he sees is the Ledows servers full, and that's probably because he doesn't log in late at nights to see that Ladder servers have like 30 people. Considering that he has only played the 1st training, where you learn the buttons and not how to play the ball, people in Ledows are getting mad out of nowhere because the new player doesn't play properly and they are told to kick him while saying bad words about him on the chat. Some months ago I was one of them and I am sorry, but I have now realised this is really bad for the game itself. People in ledows should welcome newer players and teach them the basics rather than just kicking. IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS AND YOU PLAY IN LEDOWS, PLEASE TELL THE OTHERS TOO!

Another reason why Altitude is getting extinct is because it's really hard to host a server(or you just think so). And this is where I jump in to help by hosting servers for FREE. They will be up about 18 hours a day until I get an actual server PC. And all this under one condition: Don't do what people do in Ledows when people join your server.

Post below or pm me if you are interested!


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