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Pretty nice guide. As someone that mains Rev Bomber, I don't agree with your thoughts on Reverse Thrust and Flexible Wings. In alot of situations you don't need any extra health, and you don't need extra energy with good energy management. With no blue perk you can still kill very well so long as you have good angles, and with Reverse Thrust you can set up angles (although its very hard to learn). Even the throttling speed buff can come in useful sometimes although, if you are the primary damage dealer for your team, you should probably be taking extra energy.

Turning speed is really good for dealing with Biplanes and Mirandas, since they will often be fighting you close up. You can easily out turn a Biplane in alot of situations. Good Mirandas, especially bomb and ball carriers, are very good at getting passed your team's defenses, so Flexi really helps you stick onto them, or zone them.

My point is that as you get better at Bomber, Rev and Flexi become more interesting choices. Since this is a guide aimed at newer players/ learning how to play Bomber, I guess you shouldn't be recommending Rev anyways.
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