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Originally Posted by Mango777 View Post
lol the post before you was in 2012... OOooo superburner perk
Sorry if it is a problem, but does it count as necroing if the thread is still on the first page? And I was responding to the opening post which is still viewed by new members trying to learn Bomber (I read it recently because I am trying to improve my teamwork)? I just wanted to know what everyone else thinks of Rev or Flexi Bomber, and thought this was better than starting a new topic for it. For one I think Rev Bomber is perfectly viable if you can manage your energy well, and don't spam Rev. Its worth it just for the throttling speed buff.

Sorry again if this is a violation of the rules, but I think necroing is really overated, I thought it was fine so long as your reply was relevant, and the thread is still relevant.

Also whats a superburner?
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