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Originally Posted by Soul Evans View Post
Would you mind explaining why you think Rev Bomber isn't viable? I main Bomber, and have been playing at least half of my games as a Rev Bomber (for the past few weeks, I'm only counting Dojo, and a few ladder games) and I have found Rev far more useful than an extra shot every now and then. As a Bomber playing Ball, your role is often to spam important targets and to defend your goal. In pushes you want to be spamming and zoning the enemy off of your ball carrier. Being able to reposition helps with every part of your role, and helps you stay on top of slippery enemy ball carriers. I also believe that in most games you don't need extra energy as a Bomber, unless you are lacking damage, which usually isn't an issue against lighter planes that are typical in Ball games. It does seem less viable in TBD, because your positioning is usually more static and stable.

You do need to learn to spam less with less energy. Spamming one or two shots everytime you reach full energy is a good rule of thumb. You can't afford not to have energy once you have an angle on someone afterall.

As a disclaimer I haven't played in clan games, or other super serious games, but most people that show up in ladder and Dojo seem to be fairly good.
You're main argument for using rev is for positional purposes, but if you just learn how to fly better and predict the upcoming play you can reposition just fine without having to sacrifice a valuable perk spot.

For example, whereas rev is really only useful for hovering over a lane so you can spam nades, some extra reserves of energy will let you fire 4 bullets instead of 3, which is the different in killing a whale or letting him off the hook. Having your energy regenerate quicker lets you stay in the thick of the action longer, do more damage per second and influence the game more. You get these benefits simply by spawning and they don't take any extra energy or thought.

Also, rev has no use offensively except for the odd fumble recovery situation that might happen once every 20 games. When you are revving, you can't really juke bullets or easily change flying lanes while on a breakaway. It's nearly impossible to pass the ball without having to spend valuable time spinning back around since your nose will be facing down.

etc. etc.

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