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Your argument isn't wrong, but I think you are overlooking Rev's uses. The majority of my Rev Bomber games hardly use the backwards flying part of Rev at all. Heres an example of how I use it 90% of the time: I'm in position and am setting up an angle on a key target, a few unexpected or unseeable enemy passes happen, or my team loses the ball. My main target changes, or I almost have an angle on the new ball carrier, but I need to throttle to make a tight turn, throttling faster gets me my angle sooner, and if my angle is good I don't need extra shots. The half second that throttling saves here gives me my shot sooner, and allows me to apply more pressure on the ball carrier. I agree that Reving the whole game just isn't useful, and you either need to fly backwards for just a second to juke or set up a weird angle, or quickly come out of your stall so you can reposition faster. The rest of the game I am playing as if I didn't have Rev, but it does make a difference in those key situations.

There are a few situations where Rev saves a couple seconds by flying backwards, but usually I am using it to throttle, and almost never miss any extra energy. Reving near the goal allows you to defend better in the same way that Rev for Whales helps them defend better. You can just physically block more, and make catches easier, besides when defending near the goal, you almost always need to fly towards the goal while shooting, and Rev gives you more options. There is also the fact that my main targets are Mirandas with timewarp (or Loopies boosting alot) and high turning speed, being able to get an angle easier can get me good shots I couldn't otherwise get. Generally, if you are close up as bomber, turning faster gives you more angles. If I don't take Rev, or need extra energy, I usually feel slow and take Flexi (unless I need damage AND health). Basically I like to be up close to my targets as there is less time for them to dodge my lobs, and I can provide more angles on targets for my team, Rev helps with that.

Now against Whales I find that its usually enough to hit them twice or thrice with lobs and finish them with my suppressor tailgun. Its really hard for them to dodge your bullets. Usually whales aren't at full anyways. Now if the enemy is really tanky, or they have alot of targets that I need to be focusing I will take extra energy. Generally there are 3 or 4 light planes in a Ball team and harassing the heavy planes is usually enough. That is, unless you are the only plane on your team doing damage. If the enemy has alot of heavier planes (heavy = Bombers or Whales), or alot of damage dealers then Rev is a bad idea, now you need more energy really. Heavier planes turn slower, so repositioning is less important, so you don't need to match their turning speed anyways. I should probably mention that I almost never lob three shots at once unless I am sure it will kill my target. Thus I will hit a Whale (or any plane) twice, and kill it shortly after since they can't get out of my angles.

My main argument isn't really that I need Rev, its that I don't find that I need extra energy in most situations. I also find that in most of my games that reducing a planes health to near 0 is enough. If they don't have repair or have health packs near then they either run, juke alot/ play defensively, are killed by someone else, or I kill them shortly after. I would agree that Ace Instincts would probably be better in most situations than Rev, but I prefer not to us Ace, if I start playing in a clan my build will probably be Sup, Armor/ or Flex, Ace for most games.

This is irrelevant to my argument for Rev but I don't think the OP mentioned that Flak deals self damage. Theres a few situations where you just need a few points of damage and you're at point blank and shooting Flak will get you killed via self damage whereas Suppressor wouldn't. Actually, there are alot of situations where one or two bullets will kill a plane, and a lob or Flak is energy inefficient.

I think that explains most of my points of Rev. I'll probably not have as much to type in any further arguments.

Well, this is a minor point, but Rev helps against Loopies, especially when you get emped. Reverse thrust is the only thing emp doesn't debuff, and my throttle returns to normal allowing me to stall while emped so I can kill Loopies easier. This usually isn't a big deal at all, but I will take Rev over Flexi against an all Loopy team.

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