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Originally Posted by Mango777 View Post
I think rev should mostly be reserved for co-op, it doesn't do very well competitively. Your turning rate is crap while revving, and people can shoot you down before you can dodge. XP
I don't disagree that your turning rate is slow while flying backwards, but my main point, and my first point in my last post was that I mostly use it for throttling. Throttling is when you slow down or speed up your engines without stalling, reving or boosting. If you slow down you can make a tighter turning arc, rev lets you throttle your engines alot faster.

My secondary point is that I disagree that you require energy perks on a Bomber. Ultra gives, more or less, one extra shot storage and Turbo gives, more or less, one extra shot every 3 to 5 seconds. Bombers have amazing damage output, and with proper management of your energy you don't have to have more. Having more is a personal preference, so my point is that faster throttling speed, and the occasional reverse flying juke is worth an extra shot every 3 to 5 seconds.

I don't see why peopling are saying that Rev Bomber is not viable, it might be really hard to play correctly, it might be slightly worse than other options, it might be bad in the pro or clan meta, but it still has good uses on a Bomber. I've tested Rev Bomber alot over the past few weeks, at least 10 hours of play in Dojo against decent players. I'm not the best player by any means, but when it comes to shooting I do alright and this perk doesn't hamper my ability to take down targets or defend the goal. It has allowed me to make plays, like stealing or catching the ball where it would otherwise be impossible. It has allowed me to take down Mirandas, other Bombers, and Biplanes easier in alot of close up situations.

I have made my points, I don't think I have any more to say on the topic. You guys are probably alot better than me at the game, but I still feel like you haven't given Rev Bomber a chance to prove what it can do. Maybe at top tier play Rev Bomber is useless, but Reverse Thrust is usually a good choice at the average Dojo level, and even the occasional ladder game it has been useful for me.
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