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Sorry to be the one to have to say this... But someone has to...

And to those who might not want to read any further,... now is your chance to skip this post.

My feeling is, this will be the last of the Alti community, as we know it.

To put it simply, this forum has provided us with a singular place, to communicate with our brethren... There will be no migration.

The Steam forums are a flotsam. To re-invent what we have here, is simply impossible.

When Karl & Erik finally shut this down, the most important part of Alti will be lost forever... Us.

Many, like myself, have the standalone version. Many of us are not Steam members. Those who wandered away, will have no real way to find their way back.

I tell you all, take note of your friends, find them on Steam, or in RL, if you haven't already...

Hold on to what you can...

'Cause this ride,... is over.

(The only way to preserve what we have, involves upgrading the software and trying to transfer the data...

I can tell you from experience, that is not going to happen. The amount of time and energy it would take is... cost prohibitive.

It is highly unlikely Karl & Erik would even attempt it. Even if they did, more would be lost, than could be saved.

The result would be a hollow shell of what we had... A disappointment to even the newest members of our community...)

In the spirit of keeping the Alti community in contact,... Anyone searching for Alti members on Steam are welcome to visit the Tadow! Steam Group here:

Most of our members have been around for ages... You will be able to find most Alti people within our friends' lists.

Without a functional forum message system, any of those wishing to be found, should post Steam ID's or emails within this thread.
Those Alti people who haven't been on Steam in some time, might want to reinstall... (Ark, Chesspig, Gizmo, Leggo, MoonCheese, Tricky, etc, etc.)

Oh, and will somebody scream at Nikon... He's been MIA for far too long...

Clear skies to all of you.

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