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There was a time, before Steam integration, that Alti was sold directly.

You received what we call a "standalone" version of Altitude via direct download from Nimbly games.

This all changed when Alti was released on Steam. The fair majority of Alti users now, got their copies on Steam.

As far as your question,...

Saving the data from this forum, in this format, is best done by screenshot or Window's snippet tool. It will take some doing.

(It is technically possible to acquire the data via FTP transfer. However, with the new firewall in place, you'll need Karl & Erik's direct permission. But without the forum messaging system, you have no real way of asking for it. (Short of emailing them at Nimbly's website...) Even if you got their permission and access to the FTP side of the server, the data would not 'appear' as you're seeing it now.)

If anyone else would like to chime in with an idea to save some of these threads, now would be the time,...

Personally, I'm at a loss... the shear amount of it... Seriously, there's almost a decade of posts contained here...

I've been trying to figure out how to migrate some of the top guides, server set-ups, troubleshooting posts, etc. over to the Steam discussions.

But without Karl's help, we will likely lose it all.

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