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Originally Posted by CmdrNoval View Post
Anybody have a guess on how big a drive would be necessary to store everything, intact..? 10Tb, 20Tb...?
If you change your TB to GB, you are more on the mark. It wouldn't surprise me if all the forum data, including the database wasn't less than 10GB. If I am wrong, it is still going to be tens of GBs, not 100s of GBs or TBs. Things like that don't take up much space.

To properly archive the forums would require access to most of the underlying metadata. To make them able to continue interatively, just about everything except maybe passwords would be needed. Then, we would need to follow an upgrade process for vBulletin to get it to a modern version (5.3.0) which is more resilient to attack. That upgrade/conversion process may or may not be easy, I don't follow vBulletin enough to know the answer. Without the underlying data, any archive will be difficult to use and navigate.

If karlam were willing to willing to entrust the data with a community member, I would be willing host a modern vBulletin and try to upgrade the existing data into it. I am very confident Vanishing is also willing to do the same. If you know the authors, or know someone who does, please reach out to them and see if this is something they would consider.
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