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Default Stam and Tolis' Academy

The ST Academy

Tolis had a perfect idea of making an academy server for new players, but he couldn't do anything himself and that's why I took charge. I've been working on this for a week, and I think I am done as to the mod side. For those who are curious click here for the code. It is now halfly released for testing. Go in it and do what you would normally. As long as I know it's bug-free, but just in case you see anything weird or odd simply take a screen and send it here with the GMT time of when you took it, so I can take a look at the logs to see what happened! When testing is done, I am going to let only new players join, so that they have their very own place to play without other "veteran" people banning them like in ledows. In the meantime I will be filling it with tips and tricks for powerups and planes. Also I'd love if someone could make a better lobby for those who might use "/parallax false"! Have fun and a nice day!

Password: testing

People who helped with it:

Xalri for making a patch for the server to log level changes
Tolis for being uplifting and making these lists
ManiToBa for helping with testing and being a really good person
Nick for helping me find out in which level you unlock each perk/plane
Jaxx for testing
Evel for testing


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