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Thumbs up Great idea, anything to help the newbies is aces in my book

This is a great idea. A few suggestions below.

I think something like this should catch people's eye when they are choosing which server to login to. You will never develop a community around this server (like ladder has) because the players will all graduate after a month (or less). I think the name of the server should sort it to the top, starting with the word Academy, or using the space or other low ascii value character in front might help. Putting the server name in parenthesis would work, and make it stand out. It might also be good to keep altitude open when you aren't playing with someone spec'd in the lobby. Having a player there might help draw interest, and it would help sort it to the top.

If you started using the gettext library now, then the community could help with translation later, after you started to stabalize all the messages you wanted to send to people. You could use the GeoIP library to default people's language. This isn't perfect (ala Canada) but it will get you pretty close by default. If you don't have a language, I would default former Soviet republics to Russian probably, and everyone else to English.

It might be nice to congratulate players for doing the right thing too. This gets more advanced. But, some examples would be congratulations and ataboy's for : players in ball when lots of passing occurs, being near the base when a bomb hits or dying near (so in support of) the bomb carrier, etc. Obviously this is very advanced and involves keeping track of who has the bomb, running logPP a lot, and it can never be perfect. In alti+server, I offer a "Nice Teamwork" message when 3 or more players are involved in passes which end up scoring a goal. This was done in an attempt to reward what I consider good behavior. I don't see that message as often as I would like.

P.S. I think this is why you wanted to send people a message after they were done downloading maps. Did you seem my response on keeping state on teamChange events and resetting the state on mapChange events?
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