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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post
Look, see, the thing here is you're not thinking for yourself at all. There's absolutely no reason to listen to some guy you've never met like me tell you about something as transparent as when to resort to the secondary burst.

F on the Heavy Cannon isn't like F on the Biplane's other gun. There is no rapid fire. If you just hold F and D you're going to shoot once and get a drizzle of machinegun. You are only applying this FD mentality because everybody who ever talks about Biplane screams FD FD FD so you're just going "yeah that sounds good" instead of actually feeling and understanding the concept yourself.

The workings are innately simple. If I'm going to live long enough to get off a HC shot, I'll do that because for me it guarantees I'm going to get all that damage instead of maybe getting a bit of machinegun but not quite going the distance. I use the machinegun in cases where it'd be faster to kill the enemy than waiting for the HC shot, or in cases where if I don't TRY to machinegun them, I'm going to die first.

This isn't something that you need to copy from other players or from a guide. This is the basic fundamentals of play. Go in game and play with Heavy Cannon. If you're not getting it, then observe what works and what doesn't work in situations. What is killing, what is failing to kill? Get a feel for how much damage your rounds do and how much damage your machinegun does.

Absolutely no offense to you, this is a mentality a lot of people have that you have to listen to the pro players and repeat their actions to the letter. You don't. Take things like guides as just that; a guide, guidelines, not a walkthrough. You need to work and feel this stuff out yourself, too.
No offense taken, you are totally right. But still, it helps to get some input from pro players who played this setup hundreds of hours more then me. The thing is, I was totally used at not using the secondary fire, till I heard some people talk about it so I was a bit confused.

But I think I'm getting the hang of it now
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