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Congratulations! Your guide has been appended with a "[G]" tag and is almost ready to be moved to the Completed Guides subforum. If possible, please look over these suggested changes and make appropriate edits as you see fit.
  1. Fix or remove outdated stats throughout the guide, primarily in the Perk Setup section. With the biplane's recent buff it almost definitely has a different rpm, does different amounts of damage, etc. Not sure if the updated stats have been posted so if not maybe it's better to just talk in more general terms.
  2. Has the recent buff on RT changed the way the Sniplane flies at all? If so, a quick change to the rev section couldn't hurt.

This message has also been sent to you via PM. When you're done making any edits you feel are necessary, please post a concise summary of what you changed in this thread so we know when to move it to the Completed Guides subforum. Looking forward to seeing the finished version!

- Pie
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