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Originally Posted by VAN1SH1NG View Post
Personally I would investigate Steam a bit more, no reason it should ever use up much CPU or RAM. Sometimes it can slow internet down if updating games, but that should be it. Worst case if it somehow is Steam I'm sure they would issue an update very quickly to fix the problem. I'm constantly having to restart Steam to update.

At the very least I would have tried reinstalling Steam once. Also could possibly related to a virus and/or hardware issue.

If you will be playing ladder on another account let me know and I will change the vapor ID registered to you so your rating, etc will work on the standalone account. Preferably do this before playing any ladder games on another account.
I was planning on asking you about doing so with my ladder data, but at first I was willing to see if there was another way to get my all my Steam account's data onto my smurf account. About the virus thing, I also thought about that, but a virus doing its work through Steam? Highly unlikely. I did eventually scan my whole computer for any virus and malware and what my antivirus found was at most some unwanted adware categorized as a medium threat.

I guess I'll give Steam another try but I'm still afraid of getting as much trouble as before.
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