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Originally Posted by TheLastPhonePhreak View Post
i was banned (theghostofbowlinggreen) for getting pissed at ledow for kicking me for a "rule 1 violation" which i still don't understand. ledow is a thin skinned small dicked asshat and i told him such and he banned me for twenty years. I would like to appeal my ban because I still want to play football.

in conclusion, ledow enjoys holding hands with trump because its the only time he can feel alpha.
Ledow are private server, so the only person that can remove the ban is ledow.
I had your same problems years agoes, i asked multiple times ledow to remove my 20 years ban but i alway got asnwered that if he made a 20 years ban there must been a good reason. I still have 13 years left i think

My tip it's to try different servers of ball,tbd and coop mode. Altitude isn't only that football map, it's full of amazing maps and different game modes.

I don't know where you from but on EU afternoon/ USA evening we always play on Ranked Ball Servers. The games are fun and the players are all good compared to others servers and all try to teamplay, you won't bump into level 10 players You find all info at
You should really give it a try, it's the best part of Altitude.

If you like to play only on that football map on ledow servers my tip is to make a new account, because he won't remove the ban.

Edit: I was forgetting abour Race mode that it's an awesome mode to play even if you are in 2. Check MAP QA and Team+ servers, they are full of all kinds of maps!

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