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Default ***The Altitude Introduction and Welcome Thread***

This thread is a place for everyone to post a big "hello!" to the community and give a little introduction about themselves. You are welcome to write a little about yourself such as where in the world you play from, interesting facts about yourself, what planes you like to fly in the game, etc.

Please make sure that whatever you post follow the forum guidelines.

They can be found at:

This means do not post personally identifying information on the forums. You are welcome to post your first name and country, but DO NOT post your last name, email address, phone number, street address or anything else that could be used to further identify yourself.

Also, DO NOT FLAME IN THIS THREAD. If someone posts something and you make fun of it, you will get an infraction and the post will be deleted.

So Welcome to the Forums and keep flying those friendly (or not so friendly) skies!
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