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I'm Colin, born in Boston but living in Long Island, New York since I was young. I have a BA in Mathematics and am currently studying to become an actuary (second test in December.) I'm 23 and have played too many games to count but currently play some Supreme Commander with my brother, some Team Fortress 2 with some friends, occasionally some StarCraft with Zidane and any number of other things when I feel like it.

I'm Esoteric, formerly known as JawaAvenger back in old Altitude. I stuck with that one too long for consistency, but consistency isn't good enough to stay named after a Star Wars character when you're in your 20s.

Back in old altitude I was hands down the best bomber, and certainly in the running for best random. On new altitude I've gone through heavy cannon/heavy armor to heavy cannon/flexi/reverse to explodet to my current explo/bomber with the other planes popping up randomly.

I enjoy all the gametypes, including the often maligned ffa, and was a member of fLb before I went to L* to play with my sister Vi and the other Lobstars.

You'll know I'm in a server with you from random off-screen rockets and calls of esoooo.
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