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Originally Posted by argonide View Post
Haha I made that post(expert altitude plugging). Glad you like the game.

On a slightly related note of interest to pretty much nobody:
I remember way back(03 or 04?) there was a /. story about good level design and I made the comment: "grasslands and cave, nuff said" that was funny to me but only the 10 people that played altitude at the time would get(there was like >500 crappy maps for the old game but only cave and grass were ever played). Lamster saw it with his lurking account though and became my first 'fan' thus i knew my wittiness was not in vain.

Speaking of which, we need a remake of old cave. In all it's black and white glory. I volunteer maimer to make it.

Anyways since this is the introductions thread and all, I'm Jon and I'm not French, contrary to popular belief.
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