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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
  • Updated ball_canopy.
  • Added /go votes to the APL servers, Vlix Private 1, Vlix Private 2, TADOW and the Zero Gravity server, so we can easily switch to those private servers if we have to (e.g. for our third game).
  • Added all SMILE players registered for SL to admin list of all servers.
  • Added DN, SSD, Andy, Soccernamlak, Mikesol and AKI (as SL admins) to the admin list of [x SMILE x] Private I and II.
In SkyLeague we will be using [x SMILE x] Private I as our home server, to play the first 2 games of a home match or the third game of a away match. Therefore please don't use that server.

Feel free to use [x SMILE x] Private II if you want to play your matches in a EU server, everyone is welcome there x]
Nice updates. I really like them. On the one hand having every smiler as admin in SL pubs is great. But on the other hand, we will have lot of people who will auto-join quite for a long time, if we have for example 6 SMILErs online in pub servers. Adding SL admins as admins of SMILE servers is also good, but Andy is least active of them.
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