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Fairly annoying :P It's going to be down for another week most likely, got to wait for replacement HDD's. I scanned all HDD's now that I killed the raid to make sure they were still okay. A year ago when I bought them I did the same thing. 2 of the 6, 3T hdd's got a bad sector in it though.

Ooh and ESXi refused to install on my hardware because it didn't have a compatible driver for my nic. So took me 2 hours to find a modded community driver online, patch that into the esxi iso and then it did want to install.

I got ESXi running at the moment. But just realised I can't pass through the hdd's to the File server virtual machine (FreeBSD) without VT-d. I thought all intel CPU's had VT-d Turns out the k series don't.. And I have a i5 3570k. Does have VT-x though.

So yea.. ESXi is off the hook. I'm just going to install FreeBSD on the hardware directly and use VirtualBox to virtualise the windows game server on top of that and run other services in FreeBSD jails.

So yea, that's about it
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