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To finish up with regards to the admin point, do you really think that I would start a map_change war back and forth with you if you decided to just go ahead and stop tournament, as you do have admin powers? I mean I know I haven't been around as long as some people in this game, but by gosh I would hope for ladder's sake that when Nobo or Lamster or Mike or whoever picks admins for ladder that they would pick people who don't act like a spoiled child. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I daresay that your thought I would engage in a "war back and forth" was emotionally driven and not based on any sort of sound logical or historical backings.

Basically, I would hope that even if you didn't know me, that if you decided to stop tournament with admin powers that it wouldn't result in a back & forth that would cause ladder to die that night.

Finally, regarding when you think a force change map should be used, I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion. I have forced a custom start_random a few times in the past when there is, for instance, constant vote spamming of certain maps that always result in 0 or <10% by a few players preventing an actual match from starting. Or, for example, when certain players pick no to any map to troll and there isn't enough yes votes to force >80%. I've done it a few times when ladder was close to dying (12/13 people only in there) to hopefully prevent people from leaving while vote is going on because they're bored of waiting for a map to start.

The whole point of being an admin in any online situation is that what we're given is guidelines, and it is up to our discretion to act on these guidelines accordingly to ensure a certain level (whatever that may be) of playing experience. Or community experience. Again, I expand on this a bit more below.

Ultimately, even if you feel that this goes completely against the standards of ladder, I feel that you completely over-reacted to the situation, where apparently complaining in Altitude and Mumble wasn't enough but that you had to take it to the forums to display your disapproval. I feel that there are many grey areas in admining and ladder as it is, and that on the scale of things one should be pissed about, this isn't even in the Top 10 for ladder issues. I feel that you lose further ground in your position when you consider the shear percentage of people that wanted to play AND the fact that you consented to playing ball_doodle not once, but twice. Your argument weakens further when you decided to only voice your issues verbally rather than taking any sort of action in game at the time, which you had all right to do as an admin and as a player.

So to conclude, while I clearly differ from you in the perspective of how "wrong" this was, and I obviously have many issues with your basis for complaint, I still offer my apologies. I am only human, I make mistakes, and I try my best to make ladder as enjoyable as possible for the majority of people who play it.
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