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I started with this guide when I started whaling If you can get the hang of the perks, it's a really fun plane to fly.

It might be worth mentioning that I prefer to use different perks for different games though. Thermo/Repair/Turbo is awesome for holding a goal in Ball. You can really annoy loopies who get shot with a thermo as they shoot, sending their ball way off target.

I use Remote/Repair/Turbo for TBD, though I should really be using the armour because of having the base there. I just don't like going back and forth all the time.

With remotes, you can chuck a mine in one choke point while you cover another. The director rockets are excellent at stopping bomb carriers in their tracks too, if you time them right. One explosion on the front of the nose slows a heavy right down and can send lighter planes into a stall. At this point, they get ganged by the rest of your team or panic and drop

Just a few thoughts ^_^
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