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Default [G] Reverse Thrust / Heavy Cannon Biplane Guide

I've wanted to write a guide on Biplane for a while now, but I've put it off due to how daunting the task seems. Apart from how long it would be, the problem is that Biplane is a plane whose playstyle shifts dramatically depending on the setup you give to it. I play every plane to at least an acceptable level, but that doesn't mean I feel qualified to write a guide for all of them - by the same token, while I can utilize Biplane fine with most of its different setups, I've spent such relatively little time on them that I'd feel stupid writing an all-encompassing guide for Biplane.

For that reason, I'm just here to provide some insight on the setup that I do feel experienced enough to waffle on about - Heavy Cannon, or more specifically, Reverse Thrust Biplane Heavy Cannon. For the sake of convenience, I call it Sniplane.

If you've never used Heavy Cannon or Reverse Thrust properly before, they've got something in common; they're both hard to use until you've spent some time with them. When I first used Heavy Cannon, I played a few lives with it and immediately dismissed it - of course, at the time I wasn't a very good shot with it, and therein was the problem. Similarly, when I first used Reverse Thrust, I crashed into walls, laughed my ass off, and failed to see what possible use it could have. I'd use it again every so often as a joke - but, somewhere along the line, I began to pull off tricks with it. I started to realise it was one of the deepest perks in Alty, with a real application.

Long story short - you're going to have a horrible ratio as you learn this setup. I won't lie. It took me a week or two before I actually started being more useful with reverse than without. Believe me, though, when I say that if you keep at it you will get there. There was just a point I hit where reverse thrust became second nature to me, and these days I can't imagine flying without it. Think of this guide as a definitive start on the way to learning Rev.

Oh, and before we get started, you probably want to know who I am and how I like to play. Describing myself would be boring, so instead I went and played a few rounds and uploaded the decent bits to video. Click below and enjoy!

So, what's a Sniplane?

Sniplane is a long-range, high-power and high mobility package with operational capabilites encompassing the entire spectrum of Altitude's many niches. From sniping to close-combat, fast offense to base defense, bomb escorting to bomb delivering, the chief restraint upon what it can happily accomplish is the skill of its pilot. Put an Ace in the cockpit and it'll do everything you want and more.

You'll be packing one of the heaviest armaments in Altitude, the 75mm Heavy Cannon. Launching obscenely large projectiles at a respectable speed, you will be able to apply decisive firepower at the range of your choosing. With a sturdy frame carrying an improved-capacity engine designed for both conventional and reverse thrust, you will be
near-unbeatable in the field of aerobatics and combat manouvers.
If it's starting to sound like your job is going to be too easy - it isn't. You'll be operating one of the most pilot-demanding weapon systems in the air, and without a healthy dose of skill and reflexes the reverse capabilities of your engine will be useless.

That said, you put in the effort to love this plane and it'll love you right back. Sniplane is one of the most rewarding setups I've had the pleasure to fly in Altitude. The satisfaction of a Heavy Cannon kill is half the reason for this; the other being that with Reverse Thrust, flying in Altitude takes on a whole new flow and feeling that I can't do without. I can happily play without my Heavy Cannon, but flying without Reverse after all this time is the most awkward feeling I've experienced in this game.

So, you've been warned; you go down this road, you might not be able to go back.
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