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Fuselage - No3 Heavy Armor

The first of Sniplane's three alternative Fuselages, Heavy Armor is a strong contender and used to be my preferred green perk. Effectively bolstering your health by reducing the damage you recieve, the small margin afforded by this perk is the difference between life and death suprisingly often. For this reason, Heavy Armor is the fuselage to use when you're trying to hit streaks or improve your ratio.
The downside to this is that you don't have the luxury of regenerating your health as you would with Repair Drone - meaning if you miss the health pickups from dead enemies, you're going to need to return to base and land unless you can find another one nearby. In FFA, the problem is more pressing on one hand (there's no base to heal you) and yet less important on the other (by the time you start dying in a packed FFA, someone is likely to finish you off anyway so you don't need to worry about finding health anyway).

Fuselage - No4 Repair Drone

The entrenched pilot's best friend, Repair Drone reduces downtime by automatically repairing your plane, but only when you're not using your afterburners. In effect, you'll be able to stay on the frontline longer instead of regularly flying back to base for a top up. In games with a lot of players, the health pickups from your kills get stolen pretty often, so having repair can really save you some time. It goes without saying this perk is a godsend if you want to operate far away from your base in TBD.
Skilled rev pilots will find an exclusive benefit with Repair Drone that their forward-flying cousins can't even dream of - we can manouver at top speed while still being repaired. Yes, while afterburning forwards still stops your Repair Drone from working, you can thrust backwards as much and as fast as you like without interrupting your health's regeneration. It's an advantage that's saved my ass a lot of times - especially in hectic FFAs where the only safe way to auto-repair is reversing away from enemies at top speed.

However, there's a hidden problem with using Repair Drone that I've found, after having played a great deal using both Heavy and Repair; its what finally tipped my preference in favour of primarily using Heavy. When using Repair Drone, I feel a nagging itch not to afterburn whenever I'm damaged, so the drone can do its job - the problem with this is that ruins the natural flow of your movement, which can really mess up your feeling for flying. This problem is even more pronounced with Reverse Thrust, as in my opinion being an effective rev pilot and having good flow to your movement goes hand in hand.

Fuselage - No5 Flexible Wings

Shunning both more health and regenerating health, Flexible Wings slightly improves the rate at which your plane turns, making your plane more manouverable. The benefit this provides is twofold - first, you're going to be able to pull off sharper manouvers with your more responsive controls. Second, you're going to be able to bring your weapons to bear on an enemy faster, particularly when you're tumbling in a stall and need to draw a bead. For these reasons, Flexible is viable and stays on the Fueslage List as a possible choice.

In practice, however, I rarely find myself using Flexible. After using reverse properly, I have never felt the need for more manouverability in the Bi - Flex seems unnecessary to me when I could have more health or auto-repair. In addition, flying with Flex's more responsive controls, slight as the difference may be, feels naggingly different to flying without - when you've got heavy cannon aiming and reverse thrust manouvering down to instinct, flying off muscle memory, any change to how quickly you manouver is going to stuff up your play.
Of course, once you're used to Flex, it would probably feel the same going back to Heavy or Repair. Its about preference here, and Flex certainly isn't a bad choice. To be clear, I'm not saying its impossible to fly both Flex and Heavy/Repair interchangably - its just a bad idea to mix them up when you're first learning, and learning is what this guide is about.
That paragraph stays there for archive purposes; it's how I felt when I originally wrote this guide. No longer. Whether it's due to coming up against harder players, improving my own skill, or both, Flexi Wings is my 100% backed choice. Much like I feel handicapped flying without Rev, I can't fly without Flexi Wings. It probably also has something to do with the Biplane turning buff that happened a while ago, but I don't even try using HA or Repair anymore; the improved turning given by Flexi is invaluable and I highly recommend trying it out.

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