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Originally Posted by ledow View Post
There have been exactly 3 people banned on my server since it's inception. You, the person who sent the PM's to me, and someone who was reported to me by a regular that I then checked the chat-logs for.
That must be me then. Like the OP, I am also a frequent user of the word retard. I always thought it's usage in the movie The Hangover was funneh.

Football servers are where many players are forced to play when they are queueing to play on other good servers. I played football at the start and it is the ruination of my game style. I fly too fast and don't shoot enough and don't obey the lanes like I should.

Having said that, I have played in kyxoan's server even tho its 1500 miles from me - and the ping is STILL more stable than Ledow's hunks of junk.
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