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Originally Posted by Wyrd View Post
First of all thanks for organising another Sky League and putting a clear link to the rules in the Sky League registration thread.

I'll assume all relevant numbers regarding teams and such for ball are +1.
So 6 v 6, need 5 at least to play, etc.
This one, not so sure: "minimum is SEVEN" for a roster, maybe 8 for sky league?

Onwards to the main questions!
"First two games will be played on a US server, after that the losing team can pick an EU or US server. The team picking the server is liable for any server crash."

Why the first two? I get that it's handy to have a predetermined server for the first game, so you don't start off with a cluster**** trying to assemble the teams, but what wrong with having the loser pick the next server? It seemed to work alright last SL. Why do we need to have the first two games in a US server?
I think I can answer on this one. If you lose your first game on US, and then you pick EU, and win there, enemy decide to move back to US. So you have to play US 2 times no matter what.

"3.Contradicting an admin."
This seems very strict and totalitarian. What if an admin is wrong or you disagree in a reasonable manner?
What if both teams agree on EU server? I think this rule can be updated.
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