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Originally Posted by beefheart View Post
I do see the server problems though and I assumed APL 5 and 6 were still in existence, but I do not see that is brought up as an argument, as according to current rules we can play one game in an EU server already. Also I do not think it is necessary to have admin powers in all servers used, as all teams have proved to be able to run perfectly fair games themselves.
On external servers, the SL admins cannot administer kicks and bans to players who are deliberately disrupting a game, which can be a major problem in the current setup and environment. This is a rare occurrence, but can happen.

Originally Posted by beefheart View Post
Guess most fair would be to randomly determine the server advantage at the beginning of the match or to make a system in which each team challenges the other twice (home and away).
With 13 teams playing in the league, each team would be playing 24 games each! With 3 games a week, that's 8 weeks for the regular season alone!

Another option would be to have each match during the regular season as 4 games, 2 at one teams server and 2 at the other teams, allowing for the possibility of a draw. But again this is adding extra games onto an already tight schedule.

Teams would have to be grouped if you wanted to apply either of these two strategies, and that's where the "fair" factor is lost!
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