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Originally Posted by darknietzsche View Post
2) How do we make the regular season?- If we have 12,13,etc teams. how do we make the season not be excrutiatingly long (summer SL's are in less trouble then the ones that occur during school years/winter because less people are on vacation and busy during this time), and 8-10 weeks for regular seasons with 3 games a week is sort of harsh.

Just things to think about that people really have not suggested solutions to.
Have u looked into the possibility raised by dougie? Instead of bo3, matches consist out of 4 games (2 on EU server and 2 on US server) and you allow the possibility for a draw. This should take shorter than two bo3 games (home and away), since it is not necessary for teams to meet twice and they will always last only 4 games instead of 4 up to 6 games.
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