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Originally Posted by darknietzsche View Post
The way I see things right now. You guys are totally correct that the server rules are biased to US teams. There are only 4 primarily US based teams (ball, Fat, SBDHFBS, and t3c) correct me if I am incorrect here, so I definitely see the point of changing up the server rules. I don't think the worst team should have an advantage though (kind of makes no sense), but during the regular season I also believe that no team should really have an advantage over the competition. It is hard to achieve this in any way but a home away system in which a team must deal with US and EU servers distributed in an equal fashion. Any other system would be biased towards teams who may or may not be better than their opponents. The playoffs are totally different story, those who come out of a grueling regular season on top deserve their advantage in the playoffs.

But here are definitely some obstacles that must be looked at for this to even be a possible change in the future of SL's as changing midseason right now is kind of ridiculous to ask as (some teams may have beaten previous teams under a new rule which is not fair).

1) Lack of Euro servers- apl/SL admins have to have admin rights in these servers and for everyone's knowledge APL 5 and 6 which were hosted by twistedduck had to be taken down due to inability to support. It has seemed very hard to get people to allow others to be admins of their servers in the past. (we will probably need 3 servers to be safe under a new change)

2) How do we make the regular season?- If we have 12,13,etc teams. how do we make the season not be excrutiatingly long (summer SL's are in less trouble then the ones that occur during school years/winter because less people are on vacation and busy during this time), and 8-10 weeks for regular seasons with 3 games a week is sort of harsh. If we group teams into groups how do we do that. Trendy gave a suggestion but what happens if we cant follow that everytime?

Just things to think about that people really have not suggested solutions to.
1)I can try and get some EU based servers available by the playoffs that all SL admins can administer, as I currently have a test VPS available. I could use some teams testing it out during the regular season to test for ping reliability beforehand. If this proves stable enough, we could use it for the playoffs, allowing the team ranked higher at the end of the regular season to choose the server.

2)Anything longer than 5 weeks for the regular season is too long imho. The playoffs should be 2-3 weeks, making 8 weeks overall, which is still quite long for a tourny, but is about the same length as some of the previous Sky Leagues.

Originally Posted by andy View Post
3) How do you place new teams inside those groups? This time we have SBGHSGDSBSGDDASF last time we had t3c both top tier teams entering SL for the first time, it doesnt really look fair to introduce them as a 4th seed in a 4 teams group because it will highly unbalance the group stage.
Grouping teams, as I briefly mentioned in my previous post, is the tricky part. Yes you can seed based on previous sky league performances, which seems the most appropriate method, but as has been stipulated, how do you distinguish between the new teams? Taking the average player ball ladder rank? I'm really not certain how to deal with that though. I attempted something similar in WABL, and ended up with a "group of death" which included {arr}, AH and BBQ because the latter team were new to the ball scene at that stage!
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