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Originally Posted by Boom View Post
1. Must play at least 30 minutes per week - i think its the best idea

2. the first record into the system, instead 10 death -
2 hours playing minimum, or 75 death - whatever comes first

also, there is another problem i noticed - people join unbalanced teams to get ez kills for better ratio.
idea1: need to do at start of any match auto balance, and then start tourney (no1 can join) untill the next match.
idea2: getting points according to the rating of the team

After thinking about it a bit, I think it would be a better idea to do a rank calculation like in ladder; if you win the game, you get some rating and if you lose the game you lose some rating, because 1dm isn't all about ratio, and assists are also valuable.
But that also means that you will need to do a starttournament at the beginning of each game (and put a password?).

The player win the match, he gets: (50*<player ratio>)+<player assists> points

He lose the match, he gets: (-50*(1/<player ratio>))+<player assists> points
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