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So I talked with Karl, and the basic problem seems to be that the source code is a bit of a beast and it would be a lot of work to open source. Issues include but are in no way limited to: they need to clean the source of accounts/passwords, compiling the sprites depend on an old version of photoshop and weird scripts. There's a lot of predictive logic in the gameplay/net code that the understanding of only seems to exist or used to exist in Erik's head. Not to mention the understanding of many other systems that only exists in Karl's head. Karl used the metaphor of giving us an aircraft carrier (and we presumably are lay mechanics xD).

Even what I thought would be a simple change to tbd to make turret destruction required before base destruction seems not so simple because of the predictive netcode ingrained in all parts of the gameplay code.

The question may not be, are they willing to give up the source. But are we willing to receive it xD
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