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I'm not lam, but I can tell you from working on games in general that what you're requesting isn't possible.

what WOULD be possible tho is to make an exception for the big bomb and reverse the way collision detection for weapons. so normally it basically says that whatever the attacker sees = correct, and that makes sense usually. but for the big bomb you could change the rules to say:

1) if the bomb hits me on my screen, that counts as a hit vs me.

2) if the bomb hits a wall, turret, or base object on the attackers screen, it counts that as the hit even if it was still in the air for other ppl.

so basically this would mean that you NEVER have a situation where you caught it but it went through you. the bad side is that it'd make it a lot less skill-based for lobbers / attackers in general, since you'd then have times where it looked like you had a clear drop path but then the bomb randomly exploded in midair.

really tho the only solution is to play on non-laggy servers.
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