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Originally Posted by Ribilla View Post
As for our next lynch (since we didn't really get any useful reports) I think we should focus on:


These all ran for mayor so it makes sense that at least one of them is mafia and at least one is corp. This is unless they decided to maintain a low profile and not run, I feel this is unlikely though.

I would particularly like these 4 players responses to why they shouldn't be lynched and who they suspect should be.

Of course Xorg or Sean (or possibly mintz) are options too.
It'd be silly to target me. I'm far and away the most experienced player here - if I hadn't run for mayor you'd be sitting here talking about lynching me for that reason - "why would the most experienced player not run for mayor?"

I ran because I thought I would be the most effective scumhunter and most effective leader for town. And, frankly, I have been. You haven't done much. Electing you was the safest play, and I still agree with it, but to say that anybody who ran against you is probably scum is just illogical. As SSD said, you claimed before the race had really gone anywhere, kind of abruptly ending the opportunity for candidates to enter, plus the fact that you assume scum wouldn't keep

I also would not FoS SSD for running, since I think he has the same mentality of "better me than anybody else" when it comes to shepherding the sheep.

Nobo's explanation seemed kind of lacking to me. We'll explore that later.

For now I'd like to hear more from Smushface, an explanation as to why he ran, and his thoughts on the game thus far.

For the record, I don't FoS Smush or Nobo on the basis of them running. I think that's a weak thing to base tells off of compared to the other interactions we have/will have.

At the moment I'd like to lynch Xorg.

The role that Sean claimed is a common one in mafia, and in the context of what he said earlier it makes sense. Either he made it up two days ago and formulated a plan to claim it later, or he's telling the truth. I tend to think the former.
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