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Attention, people of Insania! The Item Game has been won by the town! Congratulations to them!

The following items were recovered from the corpses of the dead item game players:
A long range taser. You can use this item to target one player every night and prevent any night actions from that player.
Titanium Body Armour. When you use this item, you gain an extra night life for that night.
Additionally, the following item was destroyed last night:
Motion Detection Landmine. Whenever a player visits you, there is a 20% chance that they will trigger the landmine, killing you and everyone who visited you. Using the item reduces the chances of a detonation to 10%.
We at GGQ Banking have officially decided that we will not be investing in these landmines. As they are unreliable and present significant downsides for their owners, we do not believe they they will be a widely popular item. The other two items will be randomly distributed to the remaining item game players. Thank you for your work in testing these products so far.

THE ITEM GAME IS NOW OVER. This means that remaining item game players MAY NOT continue to PM other otherwise privately contact each other. Item game players only have the option to USE their items, they may not steal or defend. They are basically just regular players now. Please note again that item game players CANNOT privately communicate any more.
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