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Sweet, two dead scum item game players, and four confirmed townies.

Can we take a moment to figure out what GGQ's post means? I am interpreting the "suited man" (corp member?) who visited the "man under the bed" as to mean Kennedy is the suited man and man under the bed to be the evilarsenal. Seems like the man under the bed had the motion detector mine, which killed both of them as Kennedy tried to kill evilarsenal. Danielle is obviously the doctor who visited them afterwards, and it seemed like evilarsenal was the one who killed her. Looks like GGQ's post doesn't mention anything about Piccolo or Sean died.

Actually on second thought, my interpretation is probably wrong, because if Piccolo and Sean were both killed by mafia/corp then it would mean there were four kills by scum last night (piccolo dying, sean dying, kennedy targetting evil, evil targetting danielle), and as of last night mafia had 2 kp and corp had 1 kp for a total kp of 3.

Also this day is a crucial one to get right since we don't have any obvious clues (besides rib=town and remaining item game players=town), so if anybody with information wants to claim they should do it now.
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