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It still however relies on the sprite mapping within the p# file neatly mapping onto the sprite, which it doesn't.
I'm not sure what the probelm is, it seems to map properly for me. Here's what I've been playing with:

Using this code to extract the goal sprite:

*[message][~/code/libalt/util/pack_tool]$ cp /opt/altitude/resources/dist/.image/render/map/goal/p0 ./
*[message][~/code/libalt/util/pack_tool]$ cargo run
     Running `/data/Code/libalt/target/debug/pack_tool`
[II] pack_tool sprites: [Sprite { name: "render/map/goal/0_128_5.png", off_x: 0, off_y: 0, width: 154, height: 76 }]

*[message][~/code/libalt/util/pack_tool]$ identify render/map/goal/0_128_5.png 
render/map/goal/0_128_5.png PNG 154x76 154x76+0+0 8-bit sRGB 11.1KB 0.000u 0:00.000
And here's the image it creates:

The `.poly` file isn't particularly relevant here, it maps the image to the defined polygon, so the graphics align with the collision poly.

edit: I'll work on this for a few hours now, cleaning up and adding lzma support to `` and moving `pack_tool` out of the libalt repository. (edit2: bbcode's lack of inline code support is rather annoying ._.)

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