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Originally Posted by Karl View Post
we had unique Usernames/AccountNames once and the general consensus is they suck
  1. you never remember your account name
  2. if your email changes you will never update it
  3. now when you create your account you have to enter an AccountName, and email
  4. people like to change their name (nickname) for clan tags etc.
I understand the issues around making unique account names but I think there are other solutions that have been brought up before. If you left the current system in place but then when a user choose a username to play the game then it could check a database to see if anyone else was playing with that name. The current system of allowing people to change their names would still be there and if they did it would just free up the name they are changing and again check the availability of the new name they are requesting.

Not only will this make it easier to add friends because then people could type in the persons username as it would be unique and tied to their account, but in my experience playing online multiplayer games people like the idea that they can have a name that is unique to them. I think people like having a unique identity that they know can't be copied/duplicated/impersonated. Right now it's not a huge issue due to a smaller player base, but assuming you get a large number of players when you release I think people will want the ability to create an identity for themselves. With the current system anyone could join a game with the name Maimer and pretend to be me. Outside of the obvious skill discrepancy, there is really no way that people would be able to know it wasn't me.

But regarding the whole "people forget their account names," I have never seen a problem in games where you have unique usernames tied to accounts. In Starcraft your username was your accountname/login and I never heard any complaints out of the probably millions of players. In World of Warcraft you would create a username and password and then create characters with unique usernames once you were in game that weren't needed to login. Never heard any complaints about this system either.

I just think there are many possible solutions that will, in the end, provide the players with a better and more desirable system.
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