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Originally Posted by Omni Vanitas View Post
Lame excuses???? It's what you did, not an excuse. Face the consequences, and let me remind you that it's not the first time several people complain about you, lemme give u a quote

[13:45] $Kaji$ whispers: omg dude this kid is so annoying
[13:45] $Kaji$ whispers: help
[13:45] $Kaji$ whispers: save me
[13:45] You whisper to $Kaji$: i'm ot admin, sry. contact TD
[13:45] You whisper to $Kaji$: but i'll come
[13:46] Connected to server
[13:46] Walls: normal
[13:46] Map: 1de_coop_bank_robbery_expert
[13:46] [Server] Welcome to Co-op Sandbox, x| Xorg |x!
[13:46] [Server] Help us get a dedicated server!
[13:46] [Server] =>
[13:46] $Kaji$: hey
[13:46] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): xorg
[13:46] You whisper to $Kaji$: who annoys u?
[13:46] $Kaji$ whispers: amir
[13:46] You whisper to $Kaji$: i see. he's always so annoying
[13:46] $Kaji$ whispers: this has been going on for days
[13:46] x| Xorg |x: what's going on?
[13:47] $Kaji$ whispers: i keep telling him to stfu
[13:47] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): why was there just a xorg with level 1 on
[13:47] $Kaji$: amir won't shut up
[13:47] $Kaji$: lol
[13:47] $Kaji$: oh
[13:47] x| Xorg |x: does he talk a lot?
[13:47] $Kaji$: herp
[13:47] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): xorg explain
[13:47] $Kaji$: mute
[13:47] $Kaji$: herp derp
[13:47] x| Xorg |x: kaji, u have mute function for that
[13:47] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): kaj what midmap is
[13:47] x| Xorg |x: it isn't bannable offense
[13:47] x| Xorg |x: did he balance?
[13:47] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): xorg tell kaj what midmap is
[13:47] $Kaji$: i'm trying to come up with excuses to kick
[13:47] $Kaji$: lol
[13:47] x| Xorg |x: lol
[13:48] x| Xorg |x: kaji knows what midmap is, maybe u don't know
[13:48] x| Xorg |x: u are a troll
[13:48] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): no
[13:48] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): he thinks
[13:48] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): it is
[13:48] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): when
[13:48] x| Xorg |x: then wtf is going on?
[13:48] $Kaji$: just shut up
[13:48] x| Xorg |x: tell me
[13:48] You whisper to $Kaji$: i'll make him lol.
[13:48] $Kaji$ whispers: lol
[13:48] You whisper to $Kaji$: so i;ll say something about u a bit (if u don't mind) :P
[13:48] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): he thinks midmap is that you can only change map after the map is over
[13:48] You whisper to $Kaji$: so I can take situation under control
[13:49] x| Xorg |x: wat? i don' get it
[13:49] x| Xorg |x: don't*
[13:49] $Kaji$: lol
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): he thinks you cant change map
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): now
[13:49] $Kaji$: just
[13:49] $Kaji$: omfg
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): you can only change after 5 round
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): s
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): he thinks
[13:49] [BR] Amir {WP} (RD): that
[13:49] $Kaji$: how old ru amir?
[13:49] x| Xorg |x: amir did  somebody tell u, or is it your opinion?
[13:50] You whisper to $Kaji$: have u asked TD?
[13:50] You whisper to $Kaji$: he can help. all I can do is to backup u
[13:50] $Kaji$ whispers: no i made **** up so ppl will /vote kick him
[13:50] You whisper to $Kaji$: what did he do? balancing without giving permission?
[13:50] $Kaji$ whispers: yeah
Geiro these are some random noobs you are talking about
and this was a long time ago

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