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Originally Posted by classicallad View Post
Your just jelly because i banned you for repeatedly e-bullying others and cussing. Kids play this game too and im pretty sure their parents wouldnt want them seeing that and hadnt already activated the swear filter. I think you have it in yohr head that i have some sort of grudge against you, that is just wrong.

Pretty sure bot2 will unban you as im aware that you two are buddies but if you carry on in the manner you are known for i shall keep banning you for sure.

Can Dam^ shed some light on who B0T2 is, this would be helpful as he/she doesnt appear in the admin list. Cheers

BOT 2 is Damuyt you dolts. As far as I am concerned, we aren't friends anymore. This whole crusade I have against you is for kicking me and banning me just because I nuked you and your pals many years ago. I've been told I am your Nemesis, I am here to bring justice to those who have brought me injustice. Aint Karma a something!!!
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