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How will you deal with players whose ping fluctuates wildly? My suggestion is for the server and client to enforce that the delay not shrink too quickly, and maybe always provide a buffer so that the delay is as constant as possible.

For the client, this would be because an honest player will be trying to predict when his fire button will register at the server, and unpredictable network hiccups will throw that off. You can also mitigate packet loss by preemptively sending each packet several times, but I guess everyone already does this.

For the server, the delay shouldn't be allowed to shrink too quickly because otherwise cheaters could use this to their advantage by piling up some fake lag and then releasing a burst of it to jump their plane into a new position.

The hardest position to take would be to have each client decide its delay ahead of time and have the server disconnect or reset them if they exceed it. Players would then be motivated to pick a safe delay buffer or get a better connection.
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