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Yes, it's generally been about 10 minutes playing, then 20+ minutes waiting for people to sort out teams.

One feature you could add to the website is a game matchmaking widget.

A person could type in the ladder ID numbers of 10 players, and the site would compute the most even possible ELO matchup & print it onscreen.

As an example, say the following players are in a ladder server:

tyr (1615)
Maimer (1561)
GGQ (1525)
Class (1520)
Palin (1496)
Luke (1475)
Kombat (1475)
Vi (1473)
Eso (1450)
Sinstar (1418)

The sum is 15,008. So a perfect team will have 7504 ELO.

I picked a few teams of 5 at random. A team of Maimer, GGQ, Palin, Vi, and Eso has an ELO of 7505, while their opponents will have 7503 ELO. Game on!
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