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Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
On external servers, the SL admins cannot administer kicks and bans to players who are deliberately disrupting a game, which can be a major problem in the current setup and environment. This is a rare occurrence, but can happen.

Like I said, teams have been proven perfectly capable to cope with any disturbance and I never witnessed any big dispute during scrims or league matches.

Option 1: With 13 teams playing in the league, each team would be playing 24 games each! With 3 games a week, that's 8 weeks for the regular season alone!

Option 2: would be to have each match during the regular season as 4 games, 2 at one teams server and 2 at the other teams, allowing for the possibility of a draw. But again this is adding extra games onto an already tight schedule.

Teams would have to be grouped if you wanted to apply either of these two strategies, and that's where the "fair" factor is lost!

I do not understand why a longer season is a problem. But choosing for the possibility to have a draw sounds most attractive to me. Schedule 2 rounds per week of matches that always take 4 games (2 on US and 2 on EU). Teams get points only for the number of individual games won. This means that with the current teams it would take 7 weeks to complete regular season. I think this is currently the most "fair" solution proposed.

The only question is then how to arrange the playoffs.
I agree with cookie lets look further in the possibilities (see my comments under dougies quotes).
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