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Default Introduction & 1DM Tournament

Hey guys, AnimalMan here. Although I believe several of you have taken notice, I know there are some of you out there who - to be quite frank - don't really know who I am. It is for precisely that reason that I felt I should introduce myself.

I apologize in advance for the lengthy nature of this post; if I continue to make posts on a regular basis, I think you'll find it is rare that I make a short post. Feel free to skip to the paragraph beginning with "I would greatly appreciate it if..." if you know who I am already or don't really see a need for any details.

I started playing Altitude a little over a year ago and have managed to rack up close to 1000 hours of play time since then. In that time I have gone through the process of not only forming a clan and spearheading it, but watching its apparent initial success start to dwindle because of scheduling issues and a general loss of interest resulting from very poor decisions regarding which members should be captains. I don't mean to say that myself or any of the other captains were ill-suited for the task, I only mean to say that we were essentially all in the same time zone and were living under essentially the same schedules - which is good in some ways, but bad in others. In addition to that, I have had a bit of experience in APL as a member of Iron Legends, albeit for a fairly brief period last season.

That being said, I have had first-hand experience in the past at captaining a clan, participating in competitive play (this experience was, in the interests of full disclosure, purely TBD) and seeing what does and does not work, at least to an extent; I do not in any way mean to suggest that I know everything there is to know, but Merchant and I have agreed, if you will pardon the cliche, that two heads are better than one. After a brief conversation, Merchant graciously bestowed upon me a co-captain status in PIE.

I would greatly appreciate it if any members of PIE who have yet to add me as a friend do so either when they see me in-game (I tend to be in Official 1) or via my account name: "(PIE)AnimalMan.O*". As a co-captain, communication with clan members is essential. Thanks in advance!

With all of that out of the way, it has been a pleasure meeting those of you who I have already seen in-game, and I am sure the same will ring true with the rest of you.

As several of you have already noted, PIE has indeed submitted a roster for a 1DM tournament. The maximum roster size, as noted on the registration thread, is 8 players. Following up on EvelKnievel's suggestion, I think it would be a fantastic idea for anyone interested in competing to get some practice in. I also recognize the fact that some of the names currently on PIE's roster, including my own, have rarely been seen in 1DM games in the past; I want to be very clear when I say that, when the need for a finalized roster arises, Merchant and I will take the utmost care in selecting 8 players who we feel are best suited to compete.

Selecting those 8 members will require us to take a number of factors into account, including (but not necessarily limited to) general skill, experience in 1DM, location (low ping is better, especially in competitive play), team composition (for instance, we probably don't want everyone to play the same plane) and scheduling. That being said, I want it to be clear that I have no intention of trying to keep myself on the roster if I honestly feel someone else is more deserving of a spot - I don't mean to speak for Merchant, but I feel he would likely agree with me in that regard. We expect that whatever decision we arrive at will be respected, and that it be recognized that this is not the only competition PIE will compete in; other opportunities will arise, and player composition will undoubtedly cycle throughout those competitions - so please don't feel cheated if you want to be on the team but don't ultimately end up on the roster this time. If it were up to us, we would add anyone interested to the roster, but player caps are made for a reason and must be followed.

EDIT: Upon looking back at the registration thread, it appears the planned date for the 1DM tournament is July 15th. I will be out of town and unavailable from the 7th through the 14th, and I doubt I will be available or of much use on the 15th, so at this point I am fully removing myself from the roster (unless of course there are fewer than 8 other PIE members interested, in which case I would be happy to stay on the roster as a backup as I could probably make myself available if needed). Again, that is JULY 15TH (6PM GMT) as a reference for anyone interested.

As I will be unavailable for the week prior to competition, Merchant will likely have to make some final decisions on his own as the tournament approaches, but I'm sure we can get the bulk of the decision-making done prior to the 7th.

I sort of got caught up in the 1DM spirit and wrote this in honor of the upcoming tournament.

Perpetually Illustrating Excellence

They rip through the skies like the edge of a knife
While mentally preparing for the fight of their life
A life that lasts no longer than their plane can stay afloat
To PIE does all their passion and loyalty devote
Through teamwork they shall teeter on the edge of death
Never being sure of even one more breath
And so the brave young pilots put forth every ounce of might
In the hopes that they emerge victorious in fight
But even should they falter in such ephemeral pursuits
Their hearts will live on fighting until the day their work bears fruits
For this day marks no more than the beginning of their story
And the beginning of a quest for unrelenting glory

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