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Originally Posted by kyxoan View Post
Hey all, this is a new ball server I purchased yesterday. It is run on a dedicated box from a datacenter in Atlanta GA (USA). This means that is is lag free due to high quality hardware and bandwidth as well as (as the title says) a 24/7 uptime.

I am looking to build this community up and I need people to join for that to happen. As we grow I will look into purchasing other features for the server such as ventrilo.

Even if no people are on (generally once 1 - 2 people play a flock of people join) you can play with 4 bots to grind some EXP if you are not 60.

Come check us out!
most altitude players use mumble. You could definitely set up a ball-football mumble channel in the official altitude mumble server to get more support for your server.
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